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20 Facts That Any Dog Lover Should Always Be Aware Of

Sometimes, we get absorbed in our busy daily lives and forget that we are the reasons that our dog is happy. So here are some facts and truths about our furry friends that we should never forget.

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  • Dogs live much shorter than us. Dogs live around 10-15 years while we humans live around 80-90 years. Make sure to make the most of the time you spend with your dog.
  • Dogs are aggressive only when they’re scared. Building trust and love between you and your dog are very important and you should work on it from the puppy’s early days.
  • Dogs are a very important factor in early childhood development. Many studies show that children who grow up with a dog have better immune systems and are generally more intelligent, more responsible, and happier.
  • Kisses with your dog might improve your well-being. Some new studies show that the microbes that you exchange with your dog when they lick you actually can improve your immune system and your overall health.
  • Dogs love to be active. Dogs are generally happier when they’re doing something. Exercise not only makes your puppy and you physically healthier but mentally too.
  • The dog is happy when their human is happy. Some studies have shown that dogs form bonds with their humans in a similar way babies do with their parents, so make sure to keep your dog company and do things together like teaching them tricks or giving them challenges.
  • Dogs can help lower your stress levels. It is proven that people that live with dogs have a lower risk of heart-related diseases because dogs keep their owners active. On top of that, the emotions that people share with their dogs help reduce stress and lower the heart rate.
  • Dogs feel safe around their humans. Dogs feel safe and comfortable around their human and they know they can rely on them the same way humans can rely on their dogs.
  • Dogs know how to appreciate even the smallest gestures of love. Dogs are just overwhelmingly happy when they feel loved by you and every moment you spend with them makes them feel even happier.
  • Weather and temperature affect dogs too. Think about how the weather affects your dog before you leave them alone outside when it’s too cold or when you leave them in your car when it’s too hot. Extreme weather conditions can cause various illnesses to the dog.

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  • Dogs need regular maintenance to keep them healthy. They need to be brushed and washed. Their teeth need to be cleaned and their toenails cut. They need to be taken care of for them to be physically and mentally healthy.
  • Dogs can feel when something is wrong with their human. When you’re feeling down or sad, your dog will try to comfort you, but they won’t just do that because you’re their owner – dogs love helping people, even strangers.
  • Dogs shouldn’t be left alone. Dogs are very social and feel lonely when they’re alone for a longer time. They need to have someone around them or their anxiety levels will rise and it might lead to bad behavior.
  • Dogs don’t get languages. They might not understand what you’re telling them but they react to some words, tones, and certain movements. They watch how humans interact with each other and learn some signals from them.
  • Dogs enjoy eating. They love food, but be very careful about what you give your dog to eat because a lot of foods that humans eat might be very bad for your dog and might even result in death.
  • Dogs need to be encouraged. When training your dog keep in mind that they react much better to positive reinforcement and encouraging instead of harsh and brutal methods.
  • Dogs can express their feelings. Even though they can’t speak, they express their emotions very vividly, just pay close attention and you’ll notice it.
  • Sickness in dogs might result in sudden changes in their behavior. They won’t complain if they’re ill, but you might notice that your dog started to act more aggressively or refuses to go on walks or to eat. Most of the times that is a sign that something is wrong with the dog.
  • Dogs deserve the same amount of love no matter their age. Old dogs deserve even more love than puppies because of their love and loyalty to their owners over the years.
  • Dogs will never abandon you. There have been so many cases when dogs just stick close to their humans when they’re sick, and they even stay on their owner’s grave when they die.

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