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5 Signs That You’re Having An Argument With A Psychopath

Have you argued with someone just to realize that the argument was not going anywhere? We’re going to show you five signs that the person you’re arguing with might be a psychopath.


1. They have a privileged background but they always play a victim

Most of you might know a person like this and it’s really painful to argue with them. It is something like when someone that comes from a middle or upper-class family says to a person that comes from a poor family that they understand them and they worked hard for everything they have.

It’s not remotely like that in reality though and people that undermine the hard work of someone else are very painful to argue with.

2. Their mood changes constantly

During the argument, they might change moods many times. They might be objective at the beginning but later they will go from that to vicious and back to compassionate or who knows what emotions they might be overrun with when their only wish is to be in control of the whole situation.

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3. They often look down upon other people

They think they are better than everyone else and that everything they do is the right thing. At first they might act calm and seem in control but later in the argument they will talk down and insult the other person ruthlessly.


4. Psychopaths don’t accept their own mistakes

They always play the victim part and never accept the blame. They know that they messed up but they won’t let others find that out so someone else is always responsible for their own mistakes.

5. They try to pass their flaws onto you

When the argument heats up, the psychopath will always try to make you look as bad and crazy as they can by pinning their flaws onto you. They will try to do everything to make you look like the bad guy.

Source: HigherPerspectives

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