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A 6-Month-Old Baby With A Heart Condition Is Tested Positive For COVID-19

Erin Bates, a 6-month-old baby from Greater Manchester, was tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday. Erin was born with a heart condition that needed open-heart surgery. She also experienced windpipe issues, but after months of treatment in a hospital, she is recovering.

Emma and Wayne Bates, Erin`s parents, said that the baby`s condition is stable now. Wayne is in self-isolation at home, whereas Emma is with her daughter in the hospital.

photo: family handout

Wayne also added that if his wife experiences some symptoms of COVID-19, she may be moved to another hospital. Erin has had serious health issues since she was born, and Wayne is upset that she may be separated from her mother.

When Erin was born, she suffered respiratory syncytial virus that leads to pneumonia and bronchomalacia and can be fatal. Bronchomalacia and tracheomalacia affected her windpipe and lungs and she needed the use of a CPAP machine. Wayne said that Erin is still alive due to the doctors and staff in the hospital.

Wayne stated that people are not taking the pandemic seriously. For this reason, he and his wife shared a heartbreaking photo of their daughter lying in a hospital on machine supplying oxygen and advised people to follow the lockdown measures and stay home.

In a recent post about Erin`s diagnosis, Emma wrote that their daughter has battled through many problems and she can beat this, too. They cannot lose her over the virus. She asked people to take their advice seriously, stay home and pray for Erin.

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