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A Bear Cup Was Wandering A Village And A Farmer Came To Rescue It

A bear cup was wondering a village in Belarus, looking for food. Nikolay Vasilievich Terletsky, a farmer, rescued it and gave it a home.

Namey, when he found the bear cub, he was given two options, either to put the bear to sleep or to return it into the wilderness.

After the huntsmen could not find any sign of the bear cub`s mother, Terletsky decided that the bear could stay on his farm. He decided to keep the bear cup because it had no chances to survive on its own.

The beer cup was given the name Vasilisa and a passport was issued to the bear by a committee of specialists.

Terletsky plans to build an enclosure for the beer cup so that visitors that came to his farm could visit Vasilisa.

Source/photosPlanets BelarusInstagram

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