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A Couple From Alaska Built Small Trailer House With Amazingly Clever Interiors

Ana White builds amazing tiny homes with her husband. The homes she builds aren’t ordinary. They live in Alaska and there aren’t any department stores or hardware stores in their area. So this means she must make the most of all the materials and tools she can muster.

Tiny House Made Easy™
However, she manages to make these tiny homes, every one of which is amazing. But there is one that is extra special and includes many hidden features, functions, and surprises.

Everything has its place and there’s space for everything and that’s because of Ana’s smart way of finding solutions to everything.

Many of Ana’s clients have specific needs and requests for their homes – there was one customer, Ana said, that wanted one more bed for guests, a big sofa, and some storage space in a very tiny home. Ana found a way to satisfy her customer’s needs. She got a big foam mattress and cut it into three parts. She had wooden bins as the frame of the bed which could be used as storage.

The foam mattress can be split and used around the home as a sofa or a single bed and if there’s a need for a bigger bed, the three parts of the mattress can be joined to form a big queen-size bed.

And yet there is more to this little home. It also has a secret storage place and a hidden washer and a dryer. There is even a special bed that Ana made herself and called it the ‘elevator’ bed.

Tiny House Made Easy™
There aren’t enough words that can describe this stunning little house so watch Ana’s video to see the full magic of the home.


Source: Ana-White

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