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A Recent Study Has Shown That People With Blood Type 0 Are More Resistant To COVID-19 Than Those With Blood Type A

A new study carried out in China indicated that people with blood type O are more resistant to COVID-19, whereas people with blood type A are more likely to get infected.

More than 2.000 patients infected with the virus in Shenzhen and Wuhan participated in the study. According to the results of the study, patients with blood type O were less vulnerable to COVID-19 compared to those with blood type A. Also, patients with blood type A indicated a higher rate of infection and were more likely to develop severe symptoms.

Even though Wang, the head researcher, claimed that it would be beneficial to use the study as a part of the current practices for treating infections and COVID-19, some researchers disagreed with him.

Gao Yingdai, one of the researchers, said that the study may be helpful to medical professionals, whereas citizens could take the statistics seriously. He added that people with blood type A should not panic. We all should follow the measures and stay home.

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