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How To Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden

Do you want to grow your vegetable garden? It can be challenging at the beginning but it is a very rewarding hobby. We’re going to give you some tips and some examples of the best vegetables to grow as a beginner.

There are many good reasons to grow your vegetables but one of them is enough – homegrown, fresh vegetables have a special, juicy flavor that’s incomparable to anything else. We’ll cover some of the basics of gardening here to help you start your little garden.Aquaponics 4 You

Choose the best spot for your vegetable garden

Picking the right spot is very important. Here are some things to consider when picking your location:

  •  Make sure there’s a lot of sunlight because veggies require at least six hours of direct sunlight every day.
  • Make sure the soil is well-drained and moist. Rocky soil is ok too but you will need to till it and remove any rocks you find.
  • Make sure the location is shielded from strong winds and floods. Also, the less foot traffic the better.

Vegetable Garden

Choose the best size – A small start is the best

One of the most frequent mistakes that beginner gardeners make is planting more than you could ever eat. It’s important to start with what you know will be enough for you and don’t overdo it.

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These are some tips for how big of a garden you need for the whole family to eat for one season:

  • Eleven rows are quite enough. Every row should be around ten feet long and facing a north and south direction to get the most sunlight. Even these eleven rows might turn out to be too much so you can make them shorter according to your needs.
  • Make paths for easier access to all the vegetables that you plant.

Vegetable Garden

The perfect vegetables for starters

Here are some vegetables that are generally hardy and easy to grow and maintain: Tomatoes, zucchini squash, peppers, cabbage, bush beans, lettuce, beetroot, carrots, chard, and radish. It is also a good idea to plant marigolds as they help with pests that feed with the vegetable roots underground.

Aquaponics 4 You

Some tips when choosing a vegetable

  • Plant the vegetables that you and your family want to eat.
  • You could always give some of the extra veggies away but generally, don’t plant more than you could ever eat.
  • Consider planting vegetables that are not commonly found in stores or ones that have a much better taste when grown homes, such as tomatoes or lettuce. Also, herbs are quite expensive to buy so it’s a good idea to grow them at home.
  • Think about your plants if you go on a summer holiday. They need to look after it.
  • Seeds are very important. Make sure to choose the best quality seeds for the best results.

Location and time for planting

If you just want to grow a couple of tomatoes or peppers you don’t need to pay much attention to the location, but for a full garden, you must consider where every vegetable will be and when they need to be planted.

Vegetable Garden

Here are some arranging tips for your vegetable garden:

  • There are warm-season and cool-season vegetables. The cool-season vegetables need to be planted first after the spring frost and when the soil gets warmer plant the warm season vegetables.
  • Vegetables that grow tall need to be planted on the north side of the garden to make sure they don’t shade the other vegetables. If shade is inevitable in your garden, save that spot for cool-season vegetables.
  • Most of the vegetables are annual plants that need to be planted every year. If you want some longer-lasting plants, make sure to provide them permanent locations.
  • Read the instructions on the seed packets for how much time each plant needs to mature and be ready for harvesting.
  • Don’t plant all your seeds at the same time. Plant them a week apart to have fresh vegetables growing over a longer period.

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