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Malayan Tiger At The Bronx Zoo Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

Nadia, a female tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New Your City has been confirmed to be the first positive animal with COVID-19. The National Veterinary Services confirmed the result of the test.

It is considered that an asymptomatic zookeeper infected Nadia and six big cats that have experienced dry cough and other symptoms. However, they do not know which keeper infected the animals.

Paul Calle, a veterinarian of the zoo, stated that it has been considered that animals cannot get infected with or spread the virus. Therefore, he is planning to share the results with the institutions.

Since they do not know how different species of animals respond to viruses, they will be observed closely.
Since the 16th of March, all zoos in New York City have been closed to the public.

New measures will be created to protect the animals as well as zookeepers.


Source:  CNN

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