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People That Are Mean To Others Are Often Not Happy With Themselves

Sometimes, you might feel like you would be happier if you weren’t in a relationship with the person you’re with. Love is not so simple. You have to be constantly comparing the pros and cons of the relationship if you have thoughts that you might be better off alone.

At first, you might be denying it but you must consider everything because, in the end, it might be better to not be with someone that does not deserve you.

1. Your self-esteem is very low

If you feel like your self-esteem is going downwards because your significant other doesn’t say anything good about you then it’s a sign that things aren’t working as they should. You don’t have to be around somebody that thinks lowly of you.

It’s best to talk about it first they might be acting that way because they feel bad about themselves too. Try to help each other first, and if things don’t start to get better maybe it’s time to move on.

2. Focus on your priorities

If you’re thinking about breaking up from the relationship, you will have enough alone time to think about what’s important for you in life.

You can focus on doing things that make you happy and you will have full power over your actions. You deserve to be happy and your freedom will help you achieve true joy and happiness in life.

3. Don’t live in the past

If you constantly think about a past event, you will never move on. Whether it is good or bad, don’t let the past affect you. Move on, try to experience new adventures, and enjoy the present moment instead of letting regret and memories lead your life.

4. People that drain your energy

If the one you’re spending most of your time with, is draining your energy, then some alone time will be perfect for you.

Being alone is a great way to get back most of the energy you lost at trying to connect emotionally with the person that does not deserve you.

It’s not going to be easy to recover and get back the lost motivation, but you will be better off alone for sure.
I hope this might prove helpful for some of you that have doubts if you’re in a healthy relationship or not and wanting to move on.

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