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Top 10 House Plants To Make You Feel Like You’re In Nature

Even if you’re not good at decorating your home interior, there’s one trick to give your home an extra touch of style, design, and freshness – house plants. Besides making our home look more stylish they also provide some other benefits like cleaning the air and they can even make us happier too.

Aquaponics 4 You

Before you decide to put a random spot in your home, let us give you some advice – try using hanging planters and do some research about which plant does best in the amount of light that your room can offer.

Christopher Satch, a scientist from The Sill, an online plant shop has some suggestions as to which plants need more light and more water or other things that you would want to consider before putting some of them in your home. He strongly suggests hanging planters, but there are some alternatives such as making some shelves or moving a side table to the right place. Either way, having house plants is always a nice aesthetic idea.

Here are a few popular choices for house plants:


1. Tillandsia or Air Plant

House Plants

These plants are great because they do not require any special soil to thrive. They need weekly watering and brightly lit rooms but not direct sunlight. Just make sure there are enough air circulation and high humidity in the room and you’re good to go.

2. Bird’s nest fern

This is a plant that needs a little bit more humidity so it will thrive best in the bathroom or close to a window. It also needs weekly watering and it doesn’t require much light.

3. Peperomia

House Plants

The Peperomia plant has thick and fleshy leaves so watering should be infrequent and it doesn’t require much sunlight too. A dimly lit room will work perfectly for this plant.

4. Scindapsus Pictus

House Plants

The Scindapsus Pictus or the Silver Philodendron is a trailing plant. It’s mostly known by its wide leaves with silver spots on them. They need weekly watering and can do pretty nicely in medium lit places.

5. Marble Pothos

House Plants

This one is a sturdy climbing plant and it’s great for beginner plant keepers because it doesn’t need much light, you can propagate it by cutting stems and it needs weekly watering.

6. Staghorn Fern


In nature, the Staghorn Fern can be found growing on the side of the trees, but they generally need a bright light that will help them develop their amazing antler-like leaves.

7. Senecio rowleyanus (String of Pearls)

String of Pearls

Aquaponics 4 You

This is a very nice-looking plant that requires a little bit more care than the other plants. It requires more water, but it doesn’t like to stay in water, so frequent watering and a pot with drainage is highly recommended.

Three types of orchid: The Cattleya Orchid, The Vanda Orchid, and Orchids on a stick.

8. The Cattleya Orchids

There are beautiful plants that will surely catch the eye of anyone who visits your place. The flowers that bloom once a year are fragrant and very pretty too. But they require direct and bright sunlight so if you have a big window that is exposed to the sun, these will be perfect for you.

9. The Vanda Orchids

They also require bright and direct light but they also need to be watered daily. Weirdly enough they require little to no soil, so make sure there are holes in the planter for the roots to grow freely out of it.

10. The Orchids on a stick


It has amazingly unique and beautiful patterned flowers. They’re a bit tricky for a beginner, but when you figure out what’s best for them, taking care of them is not that hard. They need to be soaked once or twice a week and misted every day.

Source: MyDomaine

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